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How to create a community-friendly wedding ceremony

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

In 2019, I met a couple who needed wedding officiant services ASAP because their person was not available to perform their ceremony. We had 2 months (literally!!!) to know each other’s story and create a sentimental ceremony that focused on life and love.

At one of our wedding workshops, Amanda tightly held on to this superhero scarf and shared how it started as her mom’s signature accessory statement. Her face completely lit up like a Christmas tree as she described her mom wearing it on her Chanel bag or her favorite winter coat. She recounted how it morphed into a warrior headwrap as her mom fought ovarian cancer. As the short years passed on, her crown became her prayer cloth before she recently departed this earthly plane. (BREATHE)

As I listened to Amanda’s story and watched her Jason (husband )wrap his arm around her, I became engulfed in their world and saw the intimacy, grief, and passion to live a full life beyond the discomfort.(The realness was RAW but sooo authentic).

In our wedding workshops, it was understood clearly, that her mom’s presence was important but not to overshadow the precious wedding day. And so we (Amanda and Jason and I) decided to choose LIFE.(Deuteronomy 30:19).

We Are the Stories We Tell

We become the stories we tell ourselves and we knew this scarf has many lives and stories to share. It was befitting that Amanda’s wooly knitted ivory scarf be part of the mindful wedding ceremony. After the exchange of vows and rings, we transitioned into sacred time and place that will be remembered for generations. It was an honor to present our scarf to Jason’s and Amanda’s community. Every guest, family member, and relative quickly whispered a good thought, prayer or blessing as they held on to the scarf. Let me tell you this my beautiful people, you could feel the intense love and anticipation built up as the scarf finally made its way to Amanda’s dad hands who covered the wedding couple.

Officiant “ What once represented beauty, pain, hope now symbolizes transgenerational unconditional love. There is a short bible verse that says “complete love covers all fears”. Where there may be uncertainty let there be knowledge, where there may be ashes let there be beauty, where there may be grief let there be newness of joy. Today, Jason and Amanda chose to be present and celebrate this newness of joy as they cover each other and walk boldly in unconditional love” #lchaim #beaubeginnings #weddingceremony

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