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Premarital Coach I Mindful Officiant I Wed Wellness Whisperer

Meet Hadassah

Hadassah is an experienced clinician who brings her superpower of listening to her clients while providing what they need in the season they are in. She offers guidance to help engaged couples prepare for the early stages of marriage, as well as individuals interested in learning more about themselves and how to make necessary changes for personal growth. With a Bachelor's Degree from Georgia State University, a Master's Degree in Social Work, and a Pre-LMFT certificate from the University of Georgia, Hadassah has a compassionate understanding of mental health challenges and major life events that require support. After working with her, clients will be able to look at their relationships with a fresh perspective, utilizing their relationship toolbox and mindfulness strategies to improve the quality of their lives-all while having fun!

These are few of my 

favorite things........

hadiw ith cup brand pic.jpg

Enjoy a good cup of coffee

Love a good kareoke session with my family and friends

Uninterrupted Showers.

It is my thinking space!

I'm a huge Audre Hupern fan

Grounding Effect!
I love to plant my feet in sand or grass and enjoy the sensory grounding effect

Secure sometime in the day to journal

Enjoy life with my hubby & kids.

Love me any type of living water is my peace.

(beach, ocean, river, lake) 

(Psalm 23:2)

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