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Wedding Investments

Designing your ceremony experience...

Creating your wedding ceremony should not be an after thought or mishmash of ideas thrown together. As your mindful officiant it gives me such a joy to join you on your ceremony planning journey. I gently guide and support each of our Beau couples to feel relieved, empowered, and optimistic about the ceremony planning process. I help you:

  • understand the legal logistics in acquiring your marriage license,the marriage certificate and the name-changing process.

  • hone your voice throughout your wedding service with your signature unity feature and message.

  • regain your wedding autonomy as we collab and design the wedding experience you envisioned.

  • Reduce the wedding stress-level that comes naturally with wedding planning by utilizing our  mindfulness and wedding wellness approach.


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Image by Alexa Williams

Step 1: The Call

Schedule your discovery call where we get to know each other and understand the wedding vision, style, and expectations.

Step 2: The Proposal

After we decide to work together, a tailored proposal is provided.

Step 3: The Signature

Once the proposal is accepted with a signed contract, your date is secured and we are ready to get to work!

Step 4: The Wedding Workshops

This is my favorite part (shhhh) but that's the fun part where we fellowship(in person or virtually), collaborate, and craft your wedding ceremony experience. In our wedding workshop, we design your wedding ceremony that reflects your story. Design your wellness plan to enhance your mental health awareness and well-being. We also discuss mindful ceremony moments and how to use these key moments to be authentic and fully present on your wedding day.

Step 5: The Wedding Day!

The moment where you finally enjoy and celebrate all the hard work you, your partner, and your amazing wedding team have been working on. It is a joyous occasion to express all the love, light and gratitude showered on you through mindful vow exchanges, dance, laughter, and great company!   

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