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Two P's in a Pod

2 P’s in a Pod Premarital Program is designed specifically for assertive first-time wedders who are ready to be fully present and prepared in their relationship and thrive in the early stages of marriage. 2 P's in a Pod further enhances the relationship's strengths and turns areas of growth into opportunities of stability. 

Support Group

It is a comprehensive program of 10 sessions  with a private  interactive support group and intensive curriculum

There are 4 objectives of
2 P's in a Pod Program


  1. Support you as you take full responsibility for your communication pattern and understand the impact of your  communication style on your relationship

  2. Join you both as you explore your personal attachment styles and learn how both styles can co-exist while shifting towards a secure attachment style. 

  3. Fortify your different layers of intimacy as you build a relationship on trust, commitment, and love. 

  4. Build a tailored marital action plan ( with resources, tools, strategies) that can migitate the challenges that can arise as you transition in the early stages of marriage.

Holding Hands

How Our Program Works

It starts with  comprehensive assessments that reveals the relationship’s strengths, communication style, mindset and satisfaction status


The program uses principles from Dr. Gottman Method, MCBT teachings, Strengths-based approach and other effective interventions focuses on 3 core topics: Relationship Discovery,

Marital Connection, and Mindful Resolution

In each session the couple will learn effective communication and relationship building skills with a mindful approach tailored to the couple’s relationship needs

Coloful Poncho

Couple will assess the relationship and 

create a vision for the early years of marriage.


The couple will use the S.M.A.R.T. goat setting method to clearly define and accomplish marriage goals 

Hands Clasped in Yoga Posture


Couple and coach will collab and use data collected from assessments, vision planning and personal reflections to build their  tailored marital action plan (M.A.P.)

The M.A.P. is a a fresh found gem that  removes  the uncertainty of the next  course of action to take in order to thrive in the early stages of marriage

Relationship Vision Planning

Your Personal Toolbox


Premarital Focus Areas



Image by Oziel Gómez

Relationship Discovery

  • About Us

  • Love & Attachment Style

  • Social Support

  • Family Dynamics

  • Finance


Marital Connection

  • Intimacy

  • Stages of Marriage

  • Marital Mindset

Loving Couple
Enjoying Outdoor


Mindful Resolution

  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Stress Reduction Management


  1. Schedule a FREE consultation to meet the lead premarital coach who is an MSW  professional and SYMBIS facilitator. All consultations are virtual and we offer day and early evening appointments.

  2. Consultation: Discuss your reasons for premarital education and your desired outcomes. Explore topics you would like to laser focus on. This is the perfect opportunity to learn if my teaching style, personality, and expectations are aligned.

  3. Prep Stage: The couple will review and sign confidentiality agreement and policy agreement forms.

  4. Acceptance to the program: Once accepted, your initial assessment(s) will be emailed to be completed.

  5. 2 P's Kick Off!: It is certainly not a one size fit all program but focuses on the couple's targeted areas of concern while celebrating their strengths.

  6. M.A.P.: The couple and coach will gather information from assessments, reflections, and discussions in order to design a tailored marital action plan.

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