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A Boutique Wedding Officiant and Relationship Service

Your sweetheart has proposed, you are on cloud 9 and have every right to be because this is one of the best moments in your life. Savor IT!! (deep breath). But the dust is settling a bit and its time to get to work!


Whether you contacted your wedding officiant first, somewhere the middle or last, Beau Beginnings is ready to join you’re A-team and create the wedding ceremony service you envisioned!


 As your wedding officiant, I am in for the ride and it is my goal to support my wedding couples as they transition from being engaged to married. The greatest takeaway for me is ensuring my clients are prepared (mind, body, and soul) and witnessing the joy on their faces as they are fully present on their special day.


Core Values

That drive us to deliver an exceptional experience from start to end on your special day

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